Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New "Support My Blog" Gadget

The newest addition to the blog is a donation gadget.  I of course do not want any of you to feel obligated by any means, but if I have helped you or inspired you and you feel so inclined, I would very much appreciate any amount you'd like to contribute.  Times are hard right now and every little bit helps.

Thank you so much!



  1. Hi sweetie, Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments. You are such an inspiration. As I delve more into the book, I am more excited to start. Trying to save and gear up financially and create a start date that won't sabotage me (after my birthday I think).

    You mentioned Facebook - how do I find you on facebook? I would love to add you.

    Again, thanks for your comments and inspiration!

    Warmly, Debra

  2. Here you go Debra. http://www.facebook.com/BeatleKitten

    And sounds like a marvelous plan. Happy Birthday in advance! :D

  3. Hi there. Congrats on the weight loss. I am really confused though,how many days do you stay in each phase? For instance the Attack phase I know you stay for however many days depending on how much pounds you want to lose, so I get that, but what about the other phases,how long are you supposed to stay in those? Until you lose your desired weight?

    Thanks! Keep up the good work btw :-)

  4. Well darlin' 6 weeks in and 22 lbs down. I have a year and 2 months to get to my weight. Haven't done as much exercise as I'd like to but thats going to be picking up thanks to the gym membership and renewed energy that I'm feeling. How do you deal with hard days? Do you have any quick eats that you found helpful?

  5. I too stay on a diet . Have kept 60 # off for 3 years. My tip is to stop eating at about 7pm, but the main rule is not after 9pm. seems to work pretty good so far. Cherie