Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dining Out for the Dukanian Plus Words of Wisdom

Today I would like to address one of the most common and daunting obstacles for those trying to lose weight.  After 233 days of beginning the Dukanian lifestyle, I have dined out numerous times.  In the earlier days when leniency was not an option it was more difficult, but here's some tips.

Protein Days

  • Buy rotisserie chickens from a local grocery store when you're out and about.  Though they're a bit messy, just pick off the skin and eat the white meat.
  • Check out your local restaurants' menus for no carb options.  A local restaurant here offers a 'low carb platter' that comes with either a beef patty or chicken breast along with lettuce, tomato, and onion which you can eat or not eat depending on whether the day is PP or PV.  
  • Though there will be temptations, consider family buffet style restaurants.  Places like Ryan's offer a wide variety of meats to choose from, garnish with some onion slices from the salad bar.
Protein/Vegetable Days

  • McDonald's side salad with their fatfree balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  Order a grilled chicken breast to top it with if you would like.  Though it won't be as lean as a chicken breast from home, it won't be enough to hurt you.
  • Order fajitas at a Mexican restaurant minus the tortillas/sour cream/guac/beans.  You'll end up with a large portion of sliced chicken breast cooked with tomatoes, onions, and peppers.
  • At finer restaurants simply mix and match a lean meat with steamed veggies and a salad!
Consolidation Phase or Pre-Consolidation Phase*
*These are options that you may take advantage of at your own risk.  Everyone's body reacts differently so when you indulge keep a close eye on the scales or else!  Also, be wary that indulging in these items can very easily increase overall cravings.  It's the price you pay.  You must decide which is more difficult for you, adhering strictly and missing certain foods without hunger pangs, or being able to indulge occasionally while still losing weight but feeling hungrier.

  • The fajita option mentioned above with 1 tortilla and a few chips
  • Pizza toppings only.  Though there's fat, you're minimizing carbs so greatly that in moderation it's doable.
  • Small serving of Japanese veggies with chicken.  Sauces typically contain vast amounts of sodium and sugar, so do not be deceived.  Water weight gain is almost inevitable following this indulgence, but when carefully done you may escape with little to no harm.
Overall use the rule of thumb that if you are indulging in something less than perfect, you need to do so sparingly and as early in the day as possible.  Try to follow your indiscretion with a pure protein day or two and possibly a diuretic as needed.  I've actually found that an occasional treat can in fact aid your weight loss in the long run.  The ways in which it does this are as follows

  • You alleviate the feeling of deprivation
  • You allow yourself to acknowledge that the perceived reward of eating something inviting is mostly rubbish.  I've found personally that after indulging the guilt and overall lethargy are punishment enough to make me regret my transgression.  Sometimes you have to simply remind yourself of this though.
  • Variation in your diet can sometimes help digestive troubles that the diet otherwise causes.
  • Keeping your body acquainted with 'bad' foods and managing to maintain and still lose weight is a grand education in what becomes a healthy lifestyle rather than a diet!  It is here where you learn to manage your food intake regardless of what happens.  
 As previously stated, the last options are an at your own risk type of endeavor.  You will almost certainly temporarily put on a pound or two, and you will have to compensate.  You simply have to make sure that every step back is met with two steps forward.  This will slow your journey a bit, as it has mine, but these indiscretions are what enable me to live my life.

Feel free to comment with your own advice about dining out.

I would like to close with a quote my friend Cheryl shared with me this morning.  It is a reminder that taking control of your life, whether it be through dieting, exercise, or whatever path of self-improvement you embark upon, enables you to focus on what is within your control and helps reduce stress overall!

"You can't force another person to change. Be aware when you spend more time on another person than yourself.
Look inside and take care of your own well being and progress.....then you will be a living example of transformation"


  1. As for dining out, I completely agree! There are so many good options out there. My favourite is Turkish or Indian Barbeque!

  2. Hi you, so true about dining out. Just been out to a Greek restaurant spontanously after work and had a lemon sole with side salad and some veg (I just changed the dish from potatoes/ rice to additional salad) It was delicious and even though it was probably more oily than Dukan allows, it was good to eat out and enjoy the company.
    Really like reading your blog :-)


  3. Thanks Kathi! And yes that's precisely the point. Dining out can be done, and it's worth doing now and then because whether we like it or not food is a socializing agent. We deserve some enjoyment from such things. :)