Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Ending

This week has been a turbulent one for me dietwise.  I've been trying to behave more than ever, while cutting out my dieting supplements entirely.  I began to get paranoid that I might be becoming reliant on said supplements, but the good news is even after cutting them out I'm still losing weight quite rapidly.  The bad news is, I notice the fatigue worse than ever.  I began a regimen of green tea a couple of nights ago, and it seems to be working splendidly.  That in addition to asparagus seems to be as effective of a diuretic as diuretic pills.  I'm four tenths of a pound away from the goal I have set for April 1st.  Meaning this morning was the first time I've seen the 180s in my adult life.  I'm aware that that still sounds huge to some of you, but my original recommended true weight was 182.  It's a little mindblowing to be so close.  I'm not stopping at 182 though, not after fighting this hard and for this long.

The real test of the new me comes this weekend.  I'm heading to Nashville to stay overnight, and all I've ever been told is how much walking is required when visiting there.  Here's hoping I can walk all over that town with a grin on my face. :)

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start 

today and make a new ending.


  1. What dieting supplements are you referring to? I'm on day 5 of the attack phase and am only down about 3 lbs, I'm happy but would love any tips to speed things up!! You've done phenomenal!!!

  2. I have experimented with a wide variety of supplements ranging from simple diuretics to things that supposedly block carbs (I used those to get through the holidays!), and then what I had the best luck with were slimquick pills. It could very well be a placebo effect. I don't espouse that they work wonders or anything of that nature. But they most definitely help get you through the lethargic phases of this diet when you're eating protein only. Hope that helps! MegaT Green Tea is another good one. I've found they're all more or less combinations of diuretics and caffeine. Not great for your heart though so be careful and talk to your doctor if necessary!